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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm CST
. plus a new marijuana law goes into effect in washington today how hundreds of supporters are celebrating. and that later serious attack accusations against aerialseveral major retailers for failing to warn customers abnnbo.[ ndhe tre r anitngissecretary of state hillary clinton met today with the russian foreign minister as part of a new u-s diplomatic push on syria. clinton and the russian foreign minister will borth meet later on with the united nations special envoy to syria. this latest effort comes amid reports that the government of syrian president bashar al- assad may be preparing to use chemical weapons. syria's foreign minister says his nation would never use chemical weapons against its own people.. and he warns that any foreign intervention against syria would be "catastrophic". a prominent software maker is in custody in guatemala, and could be deported to belize today. belize authorities want to talk to john mcafee about the fatal shooting of his neighbor, american businessman gregory faull, back in november. he went into hiding for several weeks, and finally re
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm CST
here in washington d.c.. >> the dollar going to be hanging out here too. i can come to your house? >> i do not want to spoil the party. >> the people who are with me to their and the people who are watching home, they need our leaders in congress. they need us to all stay focused on them. that need to be focused on families and students. just looking for a fair shot. some reward for that hard work. they expect our leaders to succeed on their behalf. keep the pressure on over the next couple12 hours. i think you all. if i do not see you or i do not show up your of i want to wish everybody a happy new year. thank you very much. >> appears that a deal is in sight on the fiscal cliff. a deal is not done yet. we may have to solve this problem in several stocks. including a tax credit for families with children the education tax credit. >> he said he would have liked to have gotten a bigger deal done but unfortunately he was not able to do that. this will have to be ruled out in several steps. checking chicagos letter which is kind of great as the final day of 2012. snow passing downstate as
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm CST
that's blamed for at least one death. a man was killed in an accident along i-90 in washington state. a blizzard warning remains in effect through tonight in the cascade mountains in washington and oregon.. while coastal areas of the northwest are getting heavy rain, high winds, and big waves. tom, is there a winter storm headed our way? >> interesting news is it looks like the bulk of it may fall as rain. the big snow would be to the north and west of us. there will be an icy interlude. temperatures really crashed thursday afternoon and night. the strike continues. this above normal streak. bnl 20 consecutive days above average. that period has been 11.2 degrees above normal nearly four degrees above where was last year. there's a storm on the way. there's quite a spread from 27 hundredths to on our west model 2.79 in.. the thing we will unnoticed most will be the powerful winds and winter blast that follows. the merger will fall from the 40's into the 20s during the day. this will be the coldest of brick of hair so far this young winter season. a pretty good storm passing south of
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm CST
in sixth place due to tie-breakers. they are only one game ahead of washington, dallas, and minnesota, but they do have the easiest remaining schedule against green bay, arizona and detroit. college ball all clear for take- off as depaul plays uw- milwaukee. in the first brandon yound brings it up and drives the lane for a lay up. he had 13. they led by 18 at halftime. 2nd half, cleveland melvin to donovan kirk, who scored a career-high 14. depaul wins 84-50, now 6-and-3. that's a look at sports. you're live illinois lottery drawing is next. winning pick 3 numbers. 5,3,5 >>winning pick 4 numbers 3,73,5 lottery tickets anything is possible. have a great afternoon. [ female announcer ] she did a full day at the office went home and fed her family. now she's helping her community. no wonder it's hard to focus on her own needs. but she's got one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with key nutrients women may need all in one pill. because our focus is you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolut
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4